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Level 3 Industries

Frequently asked questions


[accordion-item title=”What is the Standard Fullness for Draperies, both Residential and Commercial?”]

* 200% for Fabrics, 300% for Sheers on Residental

* 200% for Fabrics, 200% for Sheers on Commercial

[accordion-item title=”Are Roman Shades constructed from the Top Down or the Bottom Up?”]

Shades are constructed from the Bottom Up.

[accordion-item title=”Can roman shades be matched, both pattern and pleat alignment, when they are side by side?”]

Yes, as long as they are the same length and you specify which windows are side by side. Give room location and number the windows, so production will know which shades are next to each other.

[accordion-item title=”What types of drapery pleat stabilizers does L3 use and how are they attached? | How are the priced?”]

The cost guide price of 83.00 is per width. Cost per approx. every 24″ of rod size. The standard stabilizers are cords, sewn on the back hem of the drapes.

[accordion-item title=”Why is there a grommet hole on, front controled, roman shades?”]

Shades with front controls are manufactured this way so that the cord can be inserted through the hole and fall on the back of the shade. A valance is always included to conceal this area.